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Two network coding experts are invited to visit our college
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On January 13, 2020, Dr. Hanxu Hou and Dr. Jie Li were invited to visit our college. In the room 203, Hou made an academic report entitled "Multi-Layer Transformed MDS Codes with Optimal Repair Access and Low Sub-Packetization" and Li made an academic report entitled "Systematic Construction of MDS Codes with Small Sub-packetization Level and Near Optimal Repair Bandwidth", respectively.


In the report, Dr. Hou Hanxu introduced multi-layer MDS code in detail, which has the properties of low computational complexity, optimal repair access for any single node, and relatively small sub-packetization, all of which are critical for maintaining the reliability of distributed storage systems. Dr. Li introduced a transformation that can greatly reduce the sub-packetization level of MDS codes, and gave four high-rate MDS codes obtained by this transformation, and showed us the relevant theoretical proof.

The reports are rich in content and broaden the vision of teachers and students present, which benefits us a lot.

Hanxu Hou, an honorary Postdoctoral Fellow of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a high-level backbone of Dongguan Institute of technology. The main research directions include storage coding, network coding, channel coding, etc. In 2010, he received his bachelor's degree in information security from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, and in 2015 and 2016 he obtained doctor’s degree in Information Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong and his doctor’s degree in Electronic Science and technology from Peking University, respectively. In the past five years, he has published more than 40 papers on information theory and coding in top international journals and conferences, and one monograph. It has applied for more than 20 US invention patents and Chinese invention patents, including 3 US authorized patents and 9 Chinese authorized patents. The proposed coding technology has been applied to big data project of a large communication company and has been widely used, and has been transferred to two Chinese invention patents of big data company. He presided over one National Natural Science Foundation project, one key project of the Ministry of science and technology 973 and three National Natural Science Foundation projects. He won the best paper award of 2017 and 2019 National Academic Conference of information theory of China Electronic Society and the second prize of 2018 Shenzhen Science and technology progress. He has been the reviewer of IEEE TIT, IEEE TCOM, IEEE / ACM ton, IEEE Cl and IEEE ISIT.

Jie Li, a postdoc from Aalto University, Finland. The main research directions are distributed storage system, sequence design, coding theory, etc. In 2017, he obtained the doctor's degree of information security from Southwest Jiaotong University, during which he co-trained at the University of Tennessee for one year. He has published more than 10 academic papers have been in high-level journals such as IEEE Trans. Inf. theory, IEEE Trans. Commun., IEEE commun. Lett.. Relevant research results were awarded IEEE Jack Keil Wolf ISIT Student Paper Award in 2017 and IEEE Chengdu section excellent student paper award in 2016.

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