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Professor Li Baojun from Chengdu University of Information Technology was invited to our institute
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On the afternoon of November 7th, Professor Li Baojun was invited to visit our institute and made a report to relevant teachers and students at 603.

Professor Li made a report titled "On П-property and Π-normality of subgroups of finite groups". In the report, Professor Li firstly gave the concept of the П-property and Π-normality of subgroups of finite groups, then he usethese properties that hold for some subgroups derived new p-nilpotency criteria for finite groups, finally, he explained through some examples and put forward several problems to be solved.

The content of the report is rich and substantial, which broadens the view of the present teachers and students and benefits them a lot.

Professor Li Baojun graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2008. Reserve candidate for academic and technical leader of Sichuan province. Mainly engaged in algebraic group theory research direction. Has presided over and undertaken a number of national natural science foundation projects and Sichuan provincial education department fund projects. In the study of group class theory, subgroup generalized permutation property, complements property and so on, many problems put forward in the journal of algebra and other famous journals at home and abroad have been solved. He has been reviewing manuscripts for many first-class journals in China, such as series A of Chinese science: mathematics, etc. At present, he has published more than 20 theses on algebra, group theory, Chinese science and other domestic and foreign journals, including more than 10 SCI journals.

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