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Three group experts were invited to visit our college
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From October 17 to 18, Prof. Zhou Yuanyang, Prof. Chen Gang from Central China Normal University and Prof. Xu Fei from Shantou University were invited to visit our college and gave a report to teachers and students at 603.

Prof. Zhou Yuanyang made a report entitled "Basic Morita equivalences and isotypies", professor zhou first introduced the Basic concept of Morita equivalent by example, and give some results of two groups that are Basic Morita equivalent he did, then gives some related properties of Basic Morita equivalent.

Prof. Chen gang made a report titled "Schurity of association schemes whose thin residues are elementary school Abelian p-groups of rank 2", professor Chen first explained the "thin residue" which is an important concept in association scheme, it has been widely studied, in particular, when association scheme is Schurian, Schur ring can be used as a tool to study the "thin residue", Professor Chen mainly studied the schurity problem of association schemes when "thin residue" was the elementary Abelian p-group with rank 2.

Prof. Xu Fei made a report entitled"Some thoughts on stacks of representations ", Prof. Xu introduced firstly some relevant concepts of stacks of representations, including a Grothendieck topology on finite G-sets, plain, derived and stable representations of G-sets and Beck–Chevalley property and descent, then combining with the knowledge of category, homology algebra, he talked about some applications of stacks of representations and some of his own thinking.

The content of the report is rich and substantial, which broadens the view of the present teachers and students and benefits them a lot.

All three professors are experts in group theory. Zhou Yuanyang, professor, doctoral supervisor. Doctor of science in Wuhan University. Humboldt scholar at the University of Jena, Germany. In 2009, it was selected into the new century talents support program of the Ministry of Education. National science foundation for outstanding youth in 2016. Professor Zhou Yuanyang's main research field is the representation theory of finite groups. He has been studying Broue exchange defect group conjecture and related problems for many years and has obtained a series of profound research results. His major academic contributions are as follows: from a new perspective, he thoroughly solved the adhesion problem put forward by the famous group representation expert, R. Rouquier, and proved that Broue's exchange defect group conjecture is valid for simple mode blocks of trivial sources. A new reduction scheme of Broue exchange deficit group conjecture is proposed. The group segmentation structure of block expansion is found, which solves the Glauberman correspondence and Rouquier conjecture of block expansion. The extended Brauer quotient is constructed and the local property of basic derivative equivalence is obtained. Relevant research work has been published in adv. Math., j. Lond. Math. Soc., math. Z. And other important academic journals.

Chen Gang, professor. Doctor of science in Wuhan University. His research direction is finite group theory and its representation. Research interests include: finite groups and their representation, table algebra and its applications in finite groups and representation theory, algebraic combinations and Schur rings, and combinatorial generalization theory. And the United States, Russia and other countries in the field of well-known scholars to carry out a wide range of cooperative research. Once presided over the national natural science foundation of the mathematical Tianyuan fund, the youth fund, a surface project. Now he is in charge of the general program of the national natural science foundation of China and the international cooperation and exchange program of the national natural science foundation of China. Now we have published 17 academic papers independently or cooperatively, including 13 SCI papers.

Xu Fei, professor, doctoral supervisor, associate dean of school of science, and dean of mathematics department in Shantou University. His main research interests are the representation and cohomology of finite groups, finite categories and finite dimensional algebras. Related problems in algebraic topology. He has been in charge of the special fund of talents introduction project for higher education institutions in Guangdong province, doctoral program foundation of the Ministry of Education (new teachers), and now he is in charge of the research startup fund for returnees and the general project of national natural science foundation. He has published many papers on international important academic journals.

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