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Recently, Education Commission of Anhui Provincial Party Committeeannouncedthe list of “Influential Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Course, Anhui Province,2017”, Professor Guo Jinming of Marxism College, AUST, and other 9 candidates won the title.

Guo Jinming, born in June 1974,Ph.D., associate professor of Marxism School, has long been engaged incourses "An Introduction to Dialectics of Nature" for graduate students and "An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Marxism" forundergraduates. Up to now, Guo Jinming has authored a monograph,edited a text book forDialectics of Natural Law, and ten of his papers have been indexed by CSSCI. Focusing on cultivating students’ critical thinking abilityin teaching, healways gains popularityamong students. In 2017, Guo was electedthe only representative for the Dialectics Course groupofAnhui Provinceto participate in the nationalcolleges and universities teaching demonstration of the graduate studentsideological and political theory course, and was awarded the title of “NationalKey Teachers of the Ideological and Political Theory Course ".

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